Wolf PMP
Manage properties conveniently and efficiently
  • Lower business costs
  • Higher occupancy rates
  • Higher rental income
  • Higher tenant satisfaction

Innovative and user-friendly platform

The Wolf Property Management Platform (Wolf PMP) allows you to share and manage the correct information on letting, renting and managing residential property.It gives everyone involved an up-to-date and full insight into these processes. This innovative and user-friendly platform offers users the best possible balance between standardization and flexibility.

tenant satisfaction

Tenants can arrange all their affairs quickly and easily with Wolf PMP. Matters such as making payments, reporting issues or making requests can all be done online, at the touch of a button, via the computer or smartphone.

business costs

With Wolf PMP, virtually all the administrative processes are automated. Your letting and management processes, such as viewing appointments, maintenance jobs or termination notices can therefore be organized more effectively and with fewer man hours.

More time for
your tenants

With Wolf PMP, employees, home seekers, tenants, collaborative partners, accountants and other parties involved will have the same up-to-date information at all times, everywhere. What’s more, the user can quickly retrieve all the information he needs on a single screen. This will save you time with your administration and leave you with more time to devote to your tenants.

occupancy rates

Notices of termination can be quickly processed on the transparent platform. Wolf PMP also allows you to see straight away how many screened and unscreened home seekers have shown interest, either online or at a viewing, in the type of accommodation that comes available.

Main modules
Wolf PMP
  • Registration & Housing allocation
  • Viewings
  • Financial management
  • Maintenance
  • Social management
  • Notices of termination
  • Reports & Dashboards

Our competitive prices for the use of Wolf PMP are straightforward and easy to follow. You pay a fixed amount for each lettable unit per month on a pay-as-you-go basis. Would you like to know more? Then please contact us via info@wolfpmp.nl


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