Wolf Huisvestingsgroep is expert in letting and managing residential property for a varied group of tenants, such as young people, students, retired persons, families and refugees with residence permits. We let independent and shared housing, based on regular and temporary tenancy agreements. We work in regions with declining populations and in cities with long waiting lists. We are also experienced in letting social housing and in the private rental sector, as well as managing vacant property; former empty buildings that are now being temporarily or permanently used for residential purposes.

Wolf Huisvestingsgroep operates throughout the country and therefore works with a number of maintenance and debt collection firms. In this wide-ranging and dynamic sector, naturally we keep up to date on all the latest market developments and legislation, such as ‘Passend Toewijzen’, a system introduced to ensure that social housing is allocated on the basis of income and affordability, and the ‘Wet doorstroming huurmarkt’, an Act recently passed by the Lower House to ensure that high-income households move to housing that is more appropriate to their income and to ensure more flexibility in tenancy agreements.

In order to manage this wide variety properly, eight years ago we at Wolf Huisvestingsgroep began developing our own software. Following an intensive process of updates, improvements and optimization, the Wolf Property Management Platform (Wolf PMP) was launched.

Vision for the future

The housing market is constantly changing. We see this in legislation, reporting requirements of regulatory bodies and benchmarks. The requirements of tenants and chain partners also continue to change. Technological progress allows these changes to be effectively and efficiently dealt with. We help you in this process, because Wolf PMP reduces your business costs, improves tenant satisfaction and gives housing associations more time to devote to their social function.

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