Wolf Property Management Platform

Wolf PMP is an innovative and modular SaaS solution for all housing associations, residential investors, housing allocation systems and colleague property managers throughout the Netherlands. Wolf PMP gives staff, home seekers, tenants, collaborative partners, accountants and other parties involved access to the same up-to-date information at all times, everywhere.

Registration & Housing Allocation

Registration & screening of home seekers


Advertising, scheduling viewings & signing contracts

Financial management

Income and expenditure, debt collection, annual and other rent increases, settlement of service charges


Day-to-day maintenance, maintenance on a change of tenant and scheduled maintenance

Social management

Dealing with nuisance

Notices of termination

Notices of termination at the request of tenants or landlords & main tenants and cotenants

Reports & Dashboards

Real-time reports, management information, KPIs & personalized dashboards


Main features of Wolf PMP

The main aim of the Wolf Property Management Platform is to manage the complex letting, renting and management process efficiently and effectively.

Standardization & flexibility

The letting and managing processes of corporations, property investors and property managers are very similar. Wolf PMP has been developed on the basis that much can be standardized. It is also very easy to add extra processes or data or make adjustments in the existing processes and reports


ou can set up the platform to support your entire letting & management process, or individual processes such as letting, maintenance, finance, termination notices or reports, or various combinations of these elements.

Documents (DMS)

Users can decide whether to make use of the available standard documents, or to tailor them to suit their own preferences.

Privacy & Transparency

The highest security standards ensure the privacy of home seekers and tenants, as well as providing the desired transparency for users.


Wolf PMP manages the CRM data and supports the processes supported by the ERP packages.

Several portals, a single platform

The appropriate access and rights (portals/authorizations) for tenants, home seekers, junior & senior staff, regulatory bodies and chain partners. This means that all communication between the parties involved takes place on the platform, without the need for a separate calendar or email program.

Responsive and hybrid

The platform is readily accessed on all modern online devices, whether you use a PC, a laptop, a tablet or smartphone.

Real-time information

From the status of a request for maintenance to a payment history, everyone can access up-to-date information immediately at any time.

Client contact timelines

Just as with Facebook and LinkedIn; all relevant information and previous communications relating to a tenant or residential properties, such as questions, reports or payment schemes, are clearly presented at a single glance.

Supervision & Training

The platform keeps a clear record of who has carried out what administration and where. This also helps in the training and education of staff as well as the supervisory tasks.


Do you want to link with other packages, such as those for project development or HRM? You can do this quickly and easily with the API.


Wolf PMP is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), so users do not need to install and update software. The platform is continually maintained to ensure that everyone will work in the new environment at all times.

Look & feel

The look & feel of the platform is easy to adapt, so you can decide whether you use the same house style for your entire portfolio, or would rather communicate a different name or brand for each project, for example.

All info on a single screen with just three clicks

On Wolf PMP, all the relevant information will be displayed on a single screen with just three clicks.

Automatic login

Staff can give tenants direct access by means of a link without the need for a password if desired.

Platform based on

Cora/Vera, Redex, Laravel PHP framework, mySQL, Redis, API centered, HTML5

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